Our Itemshop is live!

We are happy to announce that we finally released our custom Itemshop. Currently only available ingame.


We are happy to present you our modern but still classic Metin2 P-Server. Help us with suggestions for improvements and personal wishes because this project is still a work in progress. Feel free to join us!

With us you reach full strength with a maximum level of 120. It's not just about the end game, all levels count. Grinding is back in fashion!

Content and game experience are important components of a good game and at least as important as meeting a large number and variety of people there. That's why our client is internationalized and supports all common languages. With your help and initiative maybe even more. We see this as a great enrichment for the players.

As a designed long term project Akaritale has no heavy weighting to PVP or PVM. We call it a harmony of two important game elements kept in balance.

Basic Game Content
The Lycan did not make it to us. You can still start your adventure with the usual classes. When you start, in addition to sword and armor, there is also an apprentice chest that gives you bonuses every 10 levels as well as useful items.

Skill System
"Supreme" has been added to our skill system to match the level cap, means once you reach level 5, you need to specialize. Read books and obtain soul stones to strengthen your power. Only those who are willing to risk everything will master the Supreme abilities.

Mount System
Farm your mount seals from metastones as well as monsters and exchange them with the stable boy. To mount, press the "X" key and get on your mount. CTRL+G is history.

Beginner Items
Set off and visit the general storekeeper. Here you can get your bracelet, shoes, necklace and earrings. You can also buy potions as well as some other gadgets, including the quiver for the ninja.

Refine System
Right next to it you can find the infamous blacksmith. To protect your items you can craft a better scroll from him or also try your luck in the demon tower.

Show your fellow players your joy at an OX event, completely without an emotion mask! We are looking forward to great events and joyful evenings like in the very beginning. If the dragon god is merciful, you can find a moonlight treasure chest at destroyed stones. Or is he playing around with the rates again this time? We want to counteract the monotonous and make the server an Interactive game.

PVM System
You will be given the opportunity to access the respective runs in the quick menu (key "F5") under "Dungeon Information" and teleport at will. Under the item "MapInfo" you can also access any map. The required classes and advantageous bonuses are displayed for each run. So you have the possibility to prepare your equipment in the best way. Compete with your fellow players and achieve the highest damage, the best time or the most runs and secure your place in the ranking.

More Content to be added soon, were working with all our passion to get some more interesting features for you guys!



Here you will see videos from people from the server

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  • 8 Shaman 75

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