Our Itemshop is live!

We are happy to announce that we finally released our custom Itemshop. Currently only available ingame.


We are happy to present you our modern but still classic Metin2 P-Server. Help us with suggestions for improvements and personal wishes because this project is still a work in progress. Feel free to join us!


  1. The language of this channel is English:
  2. Players who advertise, mention or link to hacks or illegal servers may be warned or punished directly without a warning at the discretion of a team member. This also applies to those who use offensive language or language that is different from the language displayed in the channel.
  3. stay mindful and polite when chatting with each other.
  4. The decision as to what is or is not considered offensive language is up to the judgement of the staff member assigned to the case.
  5. do not post off-topic content or advertise. If you have a long text, use a service like PasteBin.
  6. Players who post links or partial links that deviate from another and related service will be penalised. Unless they have been authorised and verified by a Game Admin.
  7. Spamming is not allowed and can lead to the chat being blocked or even the account being suspended.
  8. be nice to each other in conversations. Do not attack or insult other people.
  9. content that is not suitable for work (e.g. gory or other 'shocking' content) is prohibited.
  10. do not ask for personal information, including links to social media.
  11. do not write your question more than once. If no one replies, it doesn't mean they don't read your message, it means they don't have a solution.


  1. Fraud or other deliberately harmful actions will result in the permanent suspension of the entire account. This includes false statements about one's own person, promises, tips, etc.
  2. Spreading false rumours in the game about rules, admins, fellow players or other such cases is strictly prohibited.
  3. Players should not disobey or discuss orders from Discord Moderators, Game Masters, Senior Game Masters or Game Admins. The player may report the order if they feel like it was an abuse of power or something similar at [email protected]
  4. Breaches of this type of rule can be reported by any player either via the official support mail [email protected], by direct message to a Discord MOD/GM/SGM/GA or via live chat.

Reporting and Sanctions

  1. Players who attempt to deceive or induce the staff to punish another player with false or fabricated evidence may be punished themselves.
  2. The admins have the last word in all cases. Insults, vilification, rumours or insinuations of corruption without solid evidence and just because the decision is not made will result in severe sanctions, including but not limited to the suspension of all your accounts.
  3. Abuse of our reporting services will result in suspension or, in extreme cases, permanent banning of the account(s). InnoRPG reserves the right to amend and change these rules and to pass judgment in special cases not covered by the current rules.



Here you will see videos from people from the server

Top Players

Username Level
  • 1 Tard673 91
  • 2 Juzam 80
  • 3 QSS352 80
  • 4 JazHawk 75
  • 5 Minka 75
  • 6 MistressMay 75
  • 7 GetRekt 75
  • 8 Shaman 75

News on the Server